From neglected to SWANKY!! – the Schwinn Cruiser

The big blue frame had a forlorn, abandoned look about it. Rust on the fenders and mud on the white sidewalls didn’t hold out much promise but I could see behind that facade of disrepair and neglect that there was a swanky beach cruiser waiting for a second chance to woo the ladies. This is what the bike looked like when it arrived at Village Cycleworks.

IMG_7905 IMG_7906IMG_7907IMG_7911IMG_7912IMG_7913IMG_7914IMG_7915 IMG_7918

It is often remarked that a bit of elbow grease can work wonders, and this cruiser provides ample evidence to support that. Careful work with a soft scratch pad along with the ubiquitous WD-40 was used to remove most of the rust. A stiff bristle brush cleaned up the tire sidewalls. The back wheel with its two broken spokes was replaced with a wheel  salvaged from another bike and equipped with a white sidewall tire.  The broken brake lever was replaced by one also salvaged from elsewhere. Missing brake pads were also replaced. New cables and cable housing ensured that components would function correctly. A simple but trusty thumb shifter was traded for the poorly functioning twist grip shifter. New grips were installed. A caged bearing in the bottom bracket was replaced. Duct tape over the torn seat cover completed the job. Here are the results. What do you think? 

IMG_7990IMG_7974 IMG_7976IMG_7977IMG_7978IMG_7982IMG_7983IMG_7988

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